Intervjuer med Gil Birmingham och Chaske Spencer! :D

      Publicerat: 2009-08-23

Intervju med Gil a.k.a Billy Black :)


Q: What’s this movie like compared to the first movie. What’s the production been like overall?

Gil: It’s much larger (laughs) I’ll tell you that. I don’t know. That’s a good question. How was it different? Being in Vancouver is slightly different. You know the cast members are still like a family. You take a little break, and you’re back together again. So, it picks up where we left off.

You know they found such a great location to-look at that house-(indicates the newly created Bella’s house set) it looks like the other one exactly.

You know I’m not here that much. I just got in this weekend. So this is my first day on-I was here a couple of weeks ago when we did the shoot (speaking of scenes shot at the Black House location). Now I’m here for today and I’m gone tomorrow. So, I don’t know whether I’m in a position to tell you if there is a whole lot of difference.

Q: The weather better?

Gil: The weather is nice. The restaurants are great






Intervju med Chaske a.k.a Sam Uley

Q: Why are you working out so much between takes? Is the workout regimen that strenuous?

Chaske: It’s cold outside, it’s basically just survival in the weather.

Q: What was your casting process like?

Chaske: It was a long casting process with Rene Haynes. It lasted several months, but when they decided on me it was just two weeks before I was on set.

Q: Have you read any of the Twilight books?

Chaske: I have read up to Eclipse and New Moon is my favorite. I read the book first and then the script!

Q: So what was it like working with Chris Weitz?

Chaske: He’s a “laid back director” and one “cool dude!” He’s a “guy’s guy” and is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Q: What’s your favorite scene so far?

Chaske: The scene where Bella confronts the wolfpack. “It was pretty epic”.

Q: How did the wolf pack bond together?

Chaske: We were all rooming in the same hotel, so we always saw each other. We trained together and hung out together playing basketball. We knew we “needed to be a band of brothers” on screen, so we tried to bond on and off screen. We made sure that we would go to meals together and sit as a family.

Q: What do you do when you’re not shooting?

Chaske: I train a lot and explore Vancouver.

Q: How has the role changed you?

Chaske: So far, it hasn’t really.

Q: What was it like dealing with the press and the new found fame?

Chaske: I didn’t really know what to expect, but “it’s been surreal”. When there are too many press around, “I just put on my sunglasses and hoodie, and I get my Jason Bourne on. I sneak off into the sunset.”

Q: Did you do any research on the Quileute people? Can you tell us about the pack tattoo?

Chaske: I didn’t have as much time to research as I would have liked because everything happened so fast. I only had two weeks , I did a little bit of research. The tattoo is a circle with two wolves based on a Quileute legends.


// Kaya :D

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