Kellan och Jackson om Eclipse

      Publicerat: 2009-08-18
Japp, de snackade med en reporter under Teen Choice awards om Eclipse och fightscenerna och träningen inför de och liknande :) 


“Oh, it’s exciting, man,” Jackson Rathbone told us about recent meetings the actors have had with David, the bloodthirsty “30 Days of Night” director who will oversee them for the soon-to-shoot third film in the series. “We’ve all met with him. We’ve all been up to Vancouver doing training and getting ready for all the action.”


But since Rathbone plays Civil War soldier-turned-vampire Jasper Hale — and confirmed to us that Jasper’s 1863 transformation will be included in “Eclipse” as a flashback — the charismatic star has been blessed with one bit of training that the other Cullens don’t get to partake in.

“Horseback training,” Kellan Lutz sighed. “I’m jealous.”

“Yeah, I’ve spent two and a half hours a day riding horses and two and a half hours a day fighting,” Rathbone revealed of his preparation for “Eclipse,” the plot of which will depend far more heavily on Jasper, Emmett and the other Cullens than the first two films. “We’ve been training in the gym.”

” ‘Eclipse’ is big on fighting, so Jasper trains all of us,” Lutz said of a key sequence in the book that has Rathbone’s war veteran teaching the werewolves and vampires fighting techniques in order to defend themselves against newborn vampires. “All of us characters are actually going through fight training, stunt training. We’re all hitting the gym pretty hard so we can have the endurance.”

Kellan  Lutz: “You can’t really do scenes like that, that are so crucial, [unless you train]. You need to know what you’re doing, you need to know how to take blocks, how to go on the offense, prepare yourself for defense,” he explained. “It’s a lot of training, but it’s great when we’re all done with the training and get to shoot it.”

“Yeah,” Rathbone laughed. “Once all the black eyes and bloody lips heal.”


Se hela intervjun/videon här:

Och titta på videon, den är så  söt! Dom är så söta - som alltid! :D 



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Hej, vad har hänt med den där berättelsen? Den nya versionen av Twilight, tror att den typ heter The vold one eller nått? Det har inte kommit nytt kapitel på typ 1 vecka. Jag tycker att ni ska skriva att det bara kommer ett kap i veckan eller nått sånt så man slipper sitta och vänta!!!!!

Skriven: 2009-08-18 | 16:31:09
› Twilightdaily

Kan man motstå dem där killarna? Världens charmigaste ju! :D <3

Skriven: 2009-08-18 | 17:13:56
› sara

har dem börgat spela in eclipse än???


Skriven: 2009-08-18 | 19:44:45

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