Kristen & Taylor i American Idol?

      Publicerat: 2009-08-19
En till video från när Kristen och aylor hade sin Photoshoot tillsammans, här svarar de vad som är på deras "must do" lista! :D 

Apparently taking the pop culture world by storm in the 
Twilight saga is just not enough for New Moon stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Now the dynamic duo would like to infiltrate television’s biggest phenomenon as well. On the latest episode of Must List Live!, Stewart and Lautner reveal that they’d like to put their pipes to the test under the unforgiving glare of Simon Cowell on American Idol. (And don’t think they won’t fight back against criticism either. Just check out the boxing moves Stewart pulls on Lautner in the video below!) Should they ever make it to stage, what song would they croon? You’ll have to watch the clip below to find out. And then let us know: Would you vote to keep the Twilight twosome around on Idol?

Haha, se klippen genom att följa länken! :D



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