Mer från High School ;)

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The Good Girl: Ashley Greene
SCHOOL: Wolfson High School, Jacksonville, Florida
ACTIVITIES: Acting, dancing, tae kwon do, cheerleading
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: “I didn’t really have a boyfriend until I was probably 16, which my parents were thrilled about. I was like, ‘I have no time for boys,’ and my dad was, ‘Yes, I think you’re right.’

LEFT: Greene in her senior year, 2005.




Mr. Popular: Kellan Lutz
SCHOOL: Horizon High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
ACTIVITIES: Boxing, football, Arizona Youth Billiard champion
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: “[My older brother] brought me to the parties and I was like the cool young Lutz.”

LEFT: Lutz in his senior year, 2003.






The Rebel: Kristen Stewart
SCHOOL: A. E. Wright Middle School, Calabasas, California
ACTIVITIES: Writing, photography
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: “I had to stop going to school because I worked [in films] too much and my teachers resented me a lot. But I really love home school—independent study is for me.

LEFT: Stewart in 7th grade, 2003 (the actress was home schooled for high school).



Taylor-Lautner-High-School-PhotoThe Jock: Taylor Lautner
SCHOOL: Valencia High School, Valencia, California
ACTIVITIES: Karate, football, baseball, hip-hop dance

LEFT: Lautner in his freshman year, 2007.




The Individual: Nikki Reed
SCHOOL: Alexander Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, California
ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: On why she left school after feeling that she didn’t fit in: “If you can’t find the perfect spot in a group, it’s not about how pretty you are. You can’t really fly solo.”

LEFT: Reed in her freshman year, 2003.




The Brain: Stephenie Meyer
SCHOOL: Chaparral High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
AWARDS: National Merit Scholar
HIGH SCHOOL MEMORY: “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that high school is supposed to be fun. High school is to be endured.”

LEFT: Meyer in her senior year, 1992.



// Kaya

Intervjuer med Gil Birmingham och Chaske Spencer! :D

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Intervju med Gil a.k.a Billy Black :)


Q: What’s this movie like compared to the first movie. What’s the production been like overall?

Gil: It’s much larger (laughs) I’ll tell you that. I don’t know. That’s a good question. How was it different? Being in Vancouver is slightly different. You know the cast members are still like a family. You take a little break, and you’re back together again. So, it picks up where we left off.

You know they found such a great location to-look at that house-(indicates the newly created Bella’s house set) it looks like the other one exactly.

You know I’m not here that much. I just got in this weekend. So this is my first day on-I was here a couple of weeks ago when we did the shoot (speaking of scenes shot at the Black House location). Now I’m here for today and I’m gone tomorrow. So, I don’t know whether I’m in a position to tell you if there is a whole lot of difference.

Q: The weather better?

Gil: The weather is nice. The restaurants are great






Intervju med Chaske a.k.a Sam Uley

Q: Why are you working out so much between takes? Is the workout regimen that strenuous?

Chaske: It’s cold outside, it’s basically just survival in the weather.

Q: What was your casting process like?

Chaske: It was a long casting process with Rene Haynes. It lasted several months, but when they decided on me it was just two weeks before I was on set.

Q: Have you read any of the Twilight books?

Chaske: I have read up to Eclipse and New Moon is my favorite. I read the book first and then the script!

Q: So what was it like working with Chris Weitz?

Chaske: He’s a “laid back director” and one “cool dude!” He’s a “guy’s guy” and is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Q: What’s your favorite scene so far?

Chaske: The scene where Bella confronts the wolfpack. “It was pretty epic”.

Q: How did the wolf pack bond together?

Chaske: We were all rooming in the same hotel, so we always saw each other. We trained together and hung out together playing basketball. We knew we “needed to be a band of brothers” on screen, so we tried to bond on and off screen. We made sure that we would go to meals together and sit as a family.

Q: What do you do when you’re not shooting?

Chaske: I train a lot and explore Vancouver.

Q: How has the role changed you?

Chaske: So far, it hasn’t really.

Q: What was it like dealing with the press and the new found fame?

Chaske: I didn’t really know what to expect, but “it’s been surreal”. When there are too many press around, “I just put on my sunglasses and hoodie, and I get my Jason Bourne on. I sneak off into the sunset.”

Q: Did you do any research on the Quileute people? Can you tell us about the pack tattoo?

Chaske: I didn’t have as much time to research as I would have liked because everything happened so fast. I only had two weeks , I did a little bit of research. The tattoo is a circle with two wolves based on a Quileute legends.


// Kaya :D

Våra Twilightstjärnor i High School!

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Japp! Här är bilder från deras Yearbook i High School! :D 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Haha - gamla foton är underbart! :P 


Två vackra bilder på Christian Serratos

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Hon är ju helt sjukt vacker!!!! :)

Kristen & Taylor i American Idol?

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En till video från när Kristen och aylor hade sin Photoshoot tillsammans, här svarar de vad som är på deras "must do" lista! :D 

Apparently taking the pop culture world by storm in the 
Twilight saga is just not enough for New Moon stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Now the dynamic duo would like to infiltrate television’s biggest phenomenon as well. On the latest episode of Must List Live!, Stewart and Lautner reveal that they’d like to put their pipes to the test under the unforgiving glare of Simon Cowell on American Idol. (And don’t think they won’t fight back against criticism either. Just check out the boxing moves Stewart pulls on Lautner in the video below!) Should they ever make it to stage, what song would they croon? You’ll have to watch the clip below to find out. And then let us know: Would you vote to keep the Twilight twosome around on Idol?

Haha, se klippen genom att följa länken! :D


Intervju med Mike Welch

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Ah-nell-ee: If you met Bella in real life, what would you say to her? What would you say to Edward? 

Michael Welch: I would tell Bella, “Listen girl. I know you’re caught up in this supernatural love triangle, but why don’t you give Mike Newton a shot? If the werewolf represents the stable option in your life, and the vampire is constantly fighting the urge to drain you of your precious blood, maybe you need broaden your horizons a bit and consider dating a HUMAN BEING! Just a thought. “Oh! By the way, did you know that Kristen Stewart is playing you in the 4-part bio-pic of your life? Pretty cool huh?... What do you mean you’ve never heard of her? You haven’t seen that terrible movie Panic Room?... Well, what about Into the Wild, In the Land of Women, or The Messengers?... Wow, you need to get out more, Arizona. I’m gonna make you a list of films. You ever seen The Usual Suspects?... No?? Oh boy! You’re in for a treat! Come on, I’ll buy you a soda, then we’re renting some movies!!”

 I would tell Edward, “Thanks a lot buddy! You’ve raised the bar to such unreasonable heights, the rest of us guys don’t stand a chance. We can’t sparkle you jerk! Not even Efron can sparkle. How do you think that makes him feel, huh??... Oh great, now you’re making Zac Efron cry Edward! You proud of yourself, huh, you feel like a big man?... Shhh, it’s ok Zac. I’m here for you pumpkin. Great, now I have to give him his juice box… And for goodness sake, would you take Bella out to see some movies? Rent Casablanca or something, or at least take her out to see The Hangover. Jeeze- louise Ed!” 

Jolene Tangerine: What do you think would be your vampire power if you had one? 

Michael Welch: Well that depends. Can I create a new power or do I have to choose one that already exists? If I could make my own, I would either want to fly or shoot lasers out of my eyes! Oh yeah. If I had to pick one that already exists, I would either want to see into the future like Alice or be a BA tracker like James. I know I’m not supposed to, but I love James. 

Stephsfamouslastwords: What job would you want to do, if you weren’t acting? 

Michael Welch: I would love to be a professional musician. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll pull a Billy Bob Thornton and dedicate my life to music for a while. Going on tour with a band has been a lifelong dream of mine. I’m always in concert when I’m in the shower, but I imagine it’s not quite the same. To those of you musicians out there, I know what you’re thinking. “Hey wait a gab-flabbin minute! I dedicate my LIFE to music and this little Twilight freak thinks he can just go on tour whenever he FEELS like it?! Phooey!” I hear you my friend. I feel the same way when some singer decides to be an actor, even though they possess no particular talent, passion, or respect for acting as an art form. Some are great like Dolly Parton or Alanis Morissette, but others, not so much. So don’t worry, I would never “Lindsay Lohan” my way through a music career (Ouch! Feisty!). If I did it, I would work, study, and put everything I have into it. 

Nicole[ov]e: How are you going to plan on dealing with this new heart-throb status, and what will you do to maintain normalcy? 

Michael Welch: Aww ::blush:: Aint that sweet. I shouldn’t have a problem staying grounded because I have a cavalcade of folks who are ready to beat me to a bloody pulp if I ever get conceded. That’s the kind of support system you need in Hollywood, people who are willing to pummel you at the first sign of arrogance. 

SydneyAlex: How much like Mike are you? Hopeless romantic? 

Michael Welch: Oh yeah, very much so. Princess Bride is one of my favorite movies if that’s any indication. The fulfillment of love is more important than the excitement of fling. 

Haha, han är för härlig! :D Läs hela intervjun här:


Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick :)

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Idag fyller Anna Kendrick 24 år! :)
Så jag och Kaya vill önska henne stort grattis på födelsedagen! :D

Valentine's day: King & Queen

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Det kommer in mer och mer bilder från Taylor's nuvarande filminspelning: Valentine's Day, så här har ni lite fler! :D 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Se alla bilder här:

Inget Naket i Italien i New Moon!

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Ny uppdatering om "nakenscenen" med Volturi som Jamie Campbell Bower pratade om i en intervju nyligen - kolla intervjun här:


 Enligt många Twiligt fan-sites så  har de fått e-mail från Summit som Chris Weitz skrivit där han säger följande: 

"Dear all,


I would like to put everyone’s mind at rest and let them know that the Volturi are not naked! Jamie (Campbell-Bower) has what you might call a dry sense of humor and almost managed to convince me — which is why he’s such a good actor. Anyway, be assured that, even though we do want the look of the Volturi to be a bit of a surprise, they are always — as in the book! — fully clothed.

Chris Weitz"


Min fråga lyder, och ni måste svara ärligt! ;D ... Trodde ni på honom?



'We just all sit there, completely naked, for one scene,'

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MTV har gett oss en till del av intervjun de gjorde med Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius)! :D Och gud vad killen är snygg! :)


"We're just chilling out, just watching the game and having a Bud," Bower laughed of the scene, which depicts Carlisle hanging with the Volturi back in the day. "No, that doesn't sound right. I'm so British. I can't say that stuff."

In actuality, the scene has a fully clothed Carlisle visiting the Volturi in Italy, only to locate Aro, Caius and Marcus in a bathhouse. "It's a full-body shot, and then Peter comes in, and it all gets a bit awkward," Bower said. "[Carlisle] is clothed completely. They're bathing in sort of a Roman bath kind of thing."

För att läsa resten av intervjun och se videon till den:

Intervju med "Caius"

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MTV gjorde en intervju med den otroligt charmiga Jamie Campbell Bower, som spelar Caius i New Moon, under Comic-Con! :D 


MTV: How does it feel to know that you are now a member of the "Twilight" saga group and have the power to make people lose it?

Bower: It's good. I think I might use that, in a bad way. (Laughs)

MTV: Tell us about your character in "New Moon."

Bower: I play Caius, who is the leader of the Volturi. They are a coven and effectively run the vampire community. They make the laws up. It's me, Michael Sheen who plays Aro, and a guy called Christopher Heyerdahl who plays Marcus. We try to kill Bella and convince Edward to come and live with us — because Peter's character [Carlisle Cullen] had come and lived with us before — and we love the Cullens deeply.



Vill ni läsa hela intervjun och titta på videon så följ länken! :)

Uppdatering:  Jag har fått två frågor om intervjun, "Är inte Aro ledaren i The Volturi?" och varför man hör mer om rachelle än Edi. 


Aro, Marcus och Caius tillsammans utgör "ledargruppen" tillsmmans inom "The Volturi" men man kna väl säga att Aro är deras "Talesperson" och lite som... Typ huvudledare i ledargruppen :)

 Att man hör mer om rachelle än Edi beroro på att Edis roll i New Moon kanske är viktig, men den är inte stor, Rachelle har en mer omfattande roll i New Moon, är med mycket mer och SPOILER VARNING HÄR kommer vara med i Eclipse också. Därför hör man mer om Rachelle :)

GRATTIS! (i efterskott)

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Igår fyllde Michael Welch 22 år! Grattis i efterskott! :) (bättre sent än aldrig, right? ;P )



Reelz Channel intervju med Christian Serratos

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